Community Hospices of America Foundation, Inc.

How We Help
CHA Foundation assists hospice patients and their families during the difficulties of terminal illness by making grants for services and products not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. We:
Help patients live more comfortably, access quality
care, strengthen involvement with loved ones and
keep their dignity.

Help caregivers, health professionals and the public
better understand the role of hospice.

Recognize and thank volunteers for their many hours
of unselfish service.

Funding Guidelines
Guidelines for funding grant requests are in our Policies and Procedures Manual Section 300. Please review the guidelines before submitting your request.

We normally respond to requests within two weeks of receiving them, emergency situations sooner. Decisions of the Board of Directors are final. We consider requests without regard to race, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation. We regret we are unable to fund every request and to fully fund some requests.

Please submit requests only as needs arise. The Board does not predict how it will rule in the future. Each request is carefully considered on the specific circumstances provided. We will contact you if more information is needed. 
Click the photo for a video on how we work with you to receive and process contributions for grant funding.
Submitting Your Request
By submitting, you acknowledge your Agency Director has approved this request and agrees to abide by guidelines in our Policies and Procedures Manual Section 300. Only requests submitted using this form will be considered. Submissions in other formats will not be acted upon unless format was preapproved.
All fields are required. After completing form and before submitting, print this page for your records. When you press Submit your request will be dated.
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Enter One of the Following Grant Purposes: Patient Care, Family Support, Volunteer Enhancement, Community Education.
Describe in detail how the grant will be used and why funding is needed. All information will be sent, even though it scrolls off.
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Other Community Resources Sought and Outcomes
Name on Grant Check and Mailing Address if Your Request Is Approved